During Pregnancies

In the seventh month of her pregnancy, the woman and her husband start to observe a number of taboos (bepenti). They both refrain from doing the following:

  • They must not slaughter animals or birds as it can result in their child being deformed (menawa) and suffering from a bleeding nose. 
  • They must not pile up coconut shells as it means that their child will be bald headed (lasu). 
  • Turtle (either as pet or caught for food) is prohibited entry into their room because it can mean that the child will not be born. 
  • They are not allowed to dye anything with the leaves of a tarum tree (indigo plant) as this can result in their child having a very dark skin complexion. 
  • Whenever the pregnant woman goes to another place, she must return by using the same route so that her child will be born through the normal passage. 
  • They are prohibited from carrying a stone on their backs otherwise their child will be born paralysed. 
  • After the child is born, the father will still not want to seal the leaks on a roof or make a dam if the mother is still suffering from haemorrhage. 
  • All other taboos are no longer observed besides the serious ones which are to be maintained until the child is able to suck its own toes.